Up Transports was created as a small company, but with a commitment to serve its customers in a personal, close, and transparent manner. All solutions are created in a dynamic, fast, and practical way, keeping the customer always close to everyday life at Up Transports.


The main objective of Up Transports is its gradual and healthy growth, in order to consolidate itself in the market, striving, always in a responsible manner, for excellence in the cargo service.


We understand that our employees are key to the smooth running of a company. Thus, we try to respect them and provide them with a harmonious and happy partnership.

Drivers We know the difficulties of everyday life on the road, so we try to turn our trucks into a second home for our drivers. To alleviate homesickness, our drivers have various comforts in their trucks:

4-G High Speed Internet

With unlimited use, bringing benefits such as a video call to their family at any time, and being able to watch videos and listen to music of their choice.

Structure to prepare healthy meals

We offer microwave and refrigerator to prepare their meals in the best manner.

Bonus for Productivity

Learn about our bonus for productivity program; we compensate, fairly, those who strive in the maintenance and care of their truck, which are supplied at a lower price, and meet the productivity goals. Join the Up Transports team.

Partners For a good and lasting partnership, it is essential to have competitive prices, quality in service provision, and transparency. See below what we offer to our partners so that they have a treatment different from that offered by the market.

Differential Discover why it's always better to work with Up Transports


We work with a fair price and a higher quality of service.


All of our trucks are new or almost new. And our drivers are trained to drive safely, on time, and responsibly, always respecting the legislation that involves cargo transport.


In order for everything to work well between the contracting party and the contractor, the most important thing is transparency in all processes.


Our telephones are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Feel free to call when you want to clarify any concerns about your cargo.


Our customers have access to the CCTV (closed circuit tv), 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, of the truck that is carrying their load. We also allow our customers to have access to every maintenance spreadsheet of our trucks, and to the drivers’ history.

THE AMERICAN WAY Up Transports knows the importance to the community.

As every american, we see the importance to help our community. Following this ideology, we also contribute with the NGO